Company Launch

4th July 2020


Professional Test Solutions (PTS) is proud to announce the company launch. The business is looking forward to offering test solutions to sectors such as automotive, aerospace, major construction fabricators, contractors and companies providing lifting accessories to the construction and precast market.

PTS is based in Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, and provides a range of on-site and laboratory testing, inspection and analysis services with a specific focus on reinforcement materials.

The new service, which provides testing for the following range of tests:

  • Visual inspection of specimens
  • Artificial ageing of specimens
  • Surface geometry measurements
  • Welded Macro examination
  • Welded bar tensile tests
  • Weld shear tests
  • Splice + reference bar analysis survey
  • Hardness surveys
  • BS8666 decoil sampling
  • Thorough examination of lifting products (LOLER)
  • Bend/Rebend tests


“We’re so happy to have put together such a steadfast and knowledgeable team. We have great individuals that are highly experienced in the field of testing and are dedicated to giving customers accurate results as quickly as possible. I’m eager to see what the future has in store for the team and look forward to working with them all as we continue to grow.”

– Alex Smith, PTS Director